Creating a smart home involves bringing together of many facets including lighting, climate control,
appliances, curtains and blinds, security, digital surveillance just to name a few, and a system that allows you to
seamlessly control all these aspects of your property.

So whether you are a home owner looking to transform your home or high rise apartment, a real estate
developer or an architect, partnering with iCasa Smart Home Solutions would be a smart move you would make
to get that complete control and most importantly, the peace of mind.

At iCasa, we custom-develop solutions for you with our industry-leading designs developed to the highest architectural specifications that represent the best products on the market in terms of price, customisation and functionality. Our smart home solutions can be easily customised to blend seamlessly with your dècor and aesthetic taste to fit your lifestyle and enrich your luxury and comfort.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of home automation is the convenience that it offers. Now you can stop wondering whether or not you locked the front door and forever banish concerns over unnecessary home energy expenses. With a few simple taps on your smartphone, you can set temperatures, control lighting, lock or unlock doors and monitor your property remotely among other options.

Smart home automation is all about the safety and security assurance it provides you. Our high-tech surveillance systems allow you to check in on your home from anywhere in the world, giving you true peace of mind. It lets you interact with your home security system, providing you with the ability to arm and disarm your home remotely and alert you on your smart device if there is any unusual movement in and around your home.